Urban Distinction Cam Portal

Urban Distinction Portal

Are you Urban Distinctive?

Welcome to my cam portal, anyone can apply to join, but there is a few rules....

o You need to have a webcam or digital camera or any form of camera, which is set up to take still live pictures and upload them via ftp to a web address.

o The picture has got to be .jpeg or .gif format, and 320 pixels width with 240 pixels height in size (standard format).

o You've got to update sometimes, and not just leave the same piccie for 6 months argh , at least every week-ish if you can!

o You can have whatever you want on your webcam, nudity or anything within reason EXCEPT anything that promotes hatred. Racism, Homophobia and any Bigoted text or imagery is not allowed. I am all about love baby

o Please link to my homepage or portal, there is link buttons on the button page right here. (Please download them to your own server, cheers!) or just use a text link to me.

o You must host your picture in a place that allows remote linking. Most free servers do not allow this and will not show on my portal at all!

o Some hosts do not allow people from different countries to load or view html and images, outside of their own country. Particularly the Brazilian host "kit.net". Only Brazilian people inside the country can see images and pages hosted on that free domain.

If you need any help or don't understand the rules, check out the portal FAQ and help page right here. Everything is explained there.

Join here below, by filling in the form and I will get back to you and tell you if you are Urban Distinctive :)

fields in bold must be filled out~

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