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Daniel, 29 year old boy who lives in London, in the UK. Likes long walks in the park, hunky strong, tall men and exploring the person within. Dislikes people who complain all the time, runners who hate dogs and George W Bush!

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 Welcome to Urban Distinction


We are moving! In the next few days we are changing to a new host so things may go a bit insane over the next week or so! x

Will have a sort out of my homepages soon and fix the movable type below and the tag board on the side and make it spam proof! Its been over taken by annoying spammers. Also will add new people to my portal and remove broken cams.
Updated my Contact page with latest details and will update this old homepage in the soon, I promise xxxx


     | updating the updates list as soon as I fix movable type! xxx




February 2009

January 26, 2005

Portal Clear Out!

Movable Type has been updated to the email hacking safe new version.

It took ages but sorted out my portal and fixed some problems with it. I have cleared out some people who have been broken/deleted down for ages.

cams updated on my portal:-

o Nina
o Gerry

new cams on my portal:-

o Claire
o Sarah
o Jorien
o Babymoon
o Cara
o Cass
o Kim

and I've moved people around and tidied it up :)

Posted by Dan at 12:51 AM

January 07, 2005

Happy New Year!

I am sorting out my entire portal and getting rid of any dead links or broken cams. I have loads of people to add (sorry for taking ages to add you if you joined over the Christmas period!) I was editing it one evening and my brother tried to play a dodgyly made DVD that a friend made for him and wouldn't play on his laptop. He wanted to check if it worked on my computer and crashed me :( I have half a portal! The files currently uploaded to the site are my only copy now, so have to download them and finish it all off.

New, Improved, Updated portal coming soon!

in other news, have a wonderful 2005! and prosperous and all that! :)

Posted by Dan at 01:14 AM

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