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My Current Webcam Picture!

Daniel, 29 year old boy who lives in London, in the UK. Likes long walks in the park, hunky strong, tall men and exploring the person within. Dislikes people who complain all the time, runners who hate dogs and George W Bush!

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Launch Webcam

Please Vote for my webcam, I will really be thankful, I don't wanna end up last!!!



Webcam Questions

Q. How do I view your webcam?
A. Click the link above "Launch Webcam" and a new window will open, containing my webcam. The window updates every 20 seconds with a new image, when my camera is online. The Camera also takes a new picture every 20 seconds when it is online.

Q. What happens when the cam is offline?
A. The last picture that I took with my camera is displayed. The same picture will keep being reloaded in the window.

Q. I have a broken image with a "red x" in the window, help argh!
A. Wait for the next refresh of the window, or press the purple refresh link on the screen. If you still have a broken image, make sure that window is in focus and press F5 (refresh) or right click in the window (not on the image). If the image is *still* broken, try ctrl + F5 this clears the cache and does a total refresh. If you still have a red x, my camera has probably imploded.

Q. I have a "temporary interruption" graphic on the page, what's going on?
A. Something has probably happened. I may put that on, if I have to leave the screen to do something, or the roof may have fallen in etc etc.

Q. Do you ever update your webcam?
A. Yes

Q. What webcam do you use?
A. A Kodak EZ 200 USB camera, which can be seen here . I got it for my 22nd birthday last year and it's a really cool camera. It's fairly budget ,but it does webcam and also a simple digital camera. The only bad thing about it is that it has no flash, but it stores photos and video. I take it everything all the time and take snaps of stupid things.

Q. How does it all work?
A. I use software called ConquerCam and use this script from Dynamic Drive. Thanks to the lovely and gorgeous Tsai who actually inspired and helped me make my own cam page and Rich for window help.

Q. Wow after seeing your cam, I think you're really hot!
A. Honey are you insane? I feel very shy and nervous with the camera on and always smile in a weird embarrassed way lol. But contact me if you do think that :)

Q. What is a 'Cam Portal'?
A. It's a page where there is many different pictures of people's webcams at once. I am currently in different portals who are linked at the bottom of the page. Yell if you want me to join your portal, that I have never found or been too. I wanna be everywhere baybee! (actually I am shy really lol)

Q. What is your 'Urban Distinctive Cam Portal'?
A. Finally I have made my very own Portal, the question of 'what is a portal?' is answered above. My portal is linked at the bottom menu on every page and it opens into a new window. You're really welcome to join it, by clicking the "join" on the pages, and meeting the requirements on the form. Or just peak though it!

Q. What is your 'Street Cam'?
A. Check out the StreetCam pages for more on it.

Q. I cannot see you at all, help!
A. Open your eyes dear ;)
Coming Soon is a archive of old webcam images taken, when I have created it all!
email me if you have any problems, suggestions, or have anymore questions

Launch Streetcam

Streetcam Questions

Q. Where is the street that is being filmed?

A. I could never reveal the secret location of where I live ;) But its the street my house is on, in Ealing, West London, UK.

Q. How does the cam work?

A. The camera works in exactly the same way as my personal webcam does. Except there is some differences. The camera is placed in my window when I want it updating live, and is set in motion detection mode. The cam does not update every 20 secs or anything, but takes a picture when something moves across its focus. The sensitivity is set so it catches people, vehicles and animals! The wind blowing trees and gardens should not set it off.

more coming soon!

email me if you have any problems, suggestions, or have anymore questions


Portals who kindly included my webcam on them:-

My portal links are currently being overhauled and updated, as most of the old portals are now dead :( I am going through and finding where I have joined over the web. If I don't have your portal on here, and you have my cam pic, could you email me and I will add you to this list :) It's hard to find all the places you have joined!