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Daniel, 29 year old boy who lives in London, in the UK. Likes long walks in the park, hunky strong, tall men and exploring the person within. Dislikes people who complain all the time, runners who hate dogs and George W Bush!

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Link Me

Wanna link my website or portal? Here is some buttons and logos for you to use. Please right-click on them and select save to your own hard drive and not directly hot link from my website.

If you wanna join my portal, please link me, cos I am adding you to mine!

If you want me to link you, or have one of your buttons (or webrings) on my site, that's totally cool :) I am starting to get organised on a links page and everything.

Link Code

The code to link me is...

<a href="http://site link here"><img src="button.jpg" border="0" alt="Urban Distinction"></a>

replace "site link here" with either:- http://www.urbandistinction.co.uk - http://www.urbandistinction.com - http://www.urbandistinction.org - http://www.urbandistinction.net - http://www.urbandistincton.co.uk/portal - http://www.urbandistincton.co.uk/portal - http://portal.urbandistinction.co.uk - they all work fine

and replace "button.jpg" with one of the buttons below.....

here is an example working code....

<a href="http://www.urbandistinction.co.uk"><img src="../portal/urbanD.gif" border="0" alt="Urban Distinction"></a>

gives you....

Urban Distinction

Don' forget that the img src="button" address, should be on a location on your own server space.

Version 2 link buttons & banners

wonderful buttons by Rusty

(static jpg button, 88 x 31)

(animated gif button, 88 x 31)

gorgeous button by Jody

(static gif button, 88 x 31)

button in the style of the site menu's, by me

(static gif button, 150 x 30)

The original layout of my site, colours, graphics and design for Version 2 was all done by Jon

Version 1 link buttons & banners

Before this beautiful layout and design now, I made my original layout and graphics and logos. Some people email me and say they miss the old colours and neon sometimes. The layout is much better and prettier now. My old look was so simplistic. Some people still use the old designs to look to me, and you are still welcome to use them if you want...

Main Homepage Link Graphics:-

all mostly all made by me, using Cooltext.com for the original logo design.

   (static jpg small logo 255 x 32)

  (both static jpg buttons, 81 x 31, made by the wonderful D)

The next two banners, are the original site logos and are quite big. Unfortunately their width size, messed up my new layout, because their width is bigger than these sexy boxes around the content. Click on the banner, for the full original size picture :)

click for full size version

(original site banner logo, by me, static jpg 680 x 84)

click for full size version

(original site banner logo reversed colours, by me, static jpg 680 x 84)

Cam Portal Link Graphics:-

All made by the wonderful D

(original portal site banner logo, static jpg 400 x 200)

(different colours, portal site banner logo, static jpg 400 x 200)


    (all static jpg buttons, 88 x 31)